art 2840: reading 10

Reading 10 is an interview with Olaf Blanke called Getting Beyond Ourselves. Blanke led a team of neuroscientists in creating an out-of-body experience in the laboratory.
The experiment used virtual-reality googles to show a person an image of themselves from behind, displaying an image in front of the person. The scientists stroked the person’s back with a paint brush at the same time, projecting the image on the body. People felt they were floating toward the projected body.
Blanke experiment was one of perception and awareness, attempts to localise a space in which the brain realises the space it functions outside of itself.
Looking into awareness of body and self outside of one’s self/perception is an experiment that is of interest to artists because perception is such an important aspect of work. In addition to the reading, was a look at the work Live Taped Corridor by Bruce Nauman. The narrow corridor featured monitors and a camera. The closer the viewer gets to the monitor, the further they are from the camera, making the image of themselves tiny on the screen. Also, some what of an out-of-body experience.
Being hyper aware of self, is something I am not certain I can say has happened to me. I don’t believe I have had an out-of-body experience, as described, but I have the nagging feeling I must have experienced something like this somehow. I feel like I have a high story that should involve being outside of myself, but I don’t feel like any sufficiently show an outer perception.


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