art 2840: reading 9

After reading a portion Screens by Kate Mondloch, our class went to Apothecary to take a look at Greg Pond’s sound sculptures. Wood and rabbit fur partially covered the machines necessary to produce the sounds emitted by the sculptures, giving them a familiarity that contrasted sharply with the alien and surreal noises coming from the speakers.
We discussed the works in Screens in relation to the sculpture, both having in common pieces that don’t have distinct beginnings or endings. The artists are creating works that aren’t intended to be viewed or heard beginning to end. The screen works were created with no expectation of full viewings. The piece doesn’t rely on the viewer having an attention span long enough to view an entire piece, just pieces of a piece. The film can use the time it has to embed pieces into the self-conscious of the viewer by slowing down time to allow the viewer to notice details not seen in a regular viewing, as in the case of the Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho


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