art 2840: reading 7

Cremaster Cycle is a series of videos by Matthew Barney. The cremaster is a muscle that raises and lowers the testicles. From the synopsis provided (and from further research), the videos progress from genderless through till the end when male gender can no longer be denied with the release of the testes.
Marina Abramovic sat at a table in the MoMa in a snuggie from open to close, inviting anyone and everyone to come sit across from her at the table. Normally you would go to an art museum expecting to stare at art, but with this piece the art stares back. At the table with Marina, the viewer become a part of Marina’s performance. Sitting at the table for as long as they please, some for minutes and some for hours (I read the longest was six hours). One of my favourite things to come out of this piece is Marina Abramovic Made Me Cry. The interactive aspect of this piece is interesting to me. I think questions of the motivations of those who chose to sit across from Abramovic are fascinating as I scroll through the images looking at how long they sat. Are they participating because they love art? Are they sitting there because they can? Is it an attempt to stay the longest or to try and make Abramovic crack or show emotion? Are they merely basking in the glow of an artist they dearly love? Maybe they just want their picture on the MoMa website for all to see. Something else I found that I thought was interesting: James Franco and Marina Abramovic.
Barney’s concern with sexuality doesn’t seem to be paralleled in Abramovic’s The Artist is Present. Physical presence is a similar aspect, as is a facing of something undeniable. I don’t really see a lot of similarities with these two works.


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