art 2840: reading 5

This reading was on spectacle. Spectacle dates back to Greek tragedy, and relies on using emotional and visual ties to entrance an audience. Spectacle can be positive or negative and flows across a variety of media. With recorded technology, the way spectacle is viewed changes. The temporal and spatial effects of spectacle have changed with advent of recording technologies that allow the spectacle to be viewed across time zones. Spectacle can be used for pleasure, or for shock, as Foucault mentioned through the use of public executions as a show of power to the spectators. The spectacle seems to be more and more becoming something of a consumer item, with the use of television. So much of what we see is could possibly oversaturate us with the spectacle, with images of good things next to bad things, displayed within seconds of eachother and with such ease we hardly notice the difference.
Ummmm. Spectacle. I would suppose that I have been experiencing spectacle since April. I have been working on a part performance art piece called “The Voyage of Fatima.” It involves carrying a boat sculpture around taking photos of people and places. The experience has been significant for me in making new friends, meeting tons of people and being a source of entertainment. Physically at times it can be wearing to carrying Fatima around. She isn’t heavy but she is awkward and navigating crowds has become something of an art form. Emotionally it has brought a lot of joy to me. Every single time we go out and someone agrees to be in a photo with her before I explain her, it makes my day. The fact that people are willing to help a stranger based on “it’s an art project” warms my heart. Psychologically I may be losing it because I have grown attached to the boat and refer to Fatima as “her” and I have said “we” quite a few times in my statement. It can be overwhelming, especially when I am in a place that I cannot put her down or hide her if I get tired of the stares or questions. I hope that counts. Here’s the project: The Voyage of Fatima.
Oh and my senior project was also based on spectacle, but I am past the word limit!


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