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book design

March 17, 2009

After researching area and internet printers, the next step is to design book pages to compliment our research. In order to connect it to the work we have already done, we will be using our word pairs for each page design. For my word pairs, if you remember, I had wet and dry. The printers I researched were and Chattanooga Printing and Engraving.
The pages should reflect the word we are using and help to inform/enforce its meaning.
In addition to designing two pages, we were tasked with designing a book cover, title page and table of contents because we are going to utilise the print on demand service, lulu to have a guide printed to showcase the pages we made along side the works of our classmates.
I have never printed a book before, but in the past I have been asked to design a book cover. The book cover, title page, and table of contents need to look like they were designed by the same person and should all be cohesive. The pages we designed will not be next to each other and should not reflect that they were designed by the same person. The pages do not have to be legible save for the url, name of the print company and possibly the phone number.
I am excited about seeing my own work printed in a book!


williams printing

March 17, 2009

Last Thursday we got the privilege of touring Williams Print Company. The field trip was arranged for us by one of the members of Leadership Chattanooga.
Before the tour, we got to hear about some of Williams’ capabilities from David. Afterwards, Bubba took us on a tour of the facilities. Williams has a variety of services in printing, they can do die-cuts, folds and binding.
Williams has digital pre-press, lithographic printing, silk-screening and even graphic designers on staff. The design staff can do your design for you or they can just verify that everything you designed is ready to print and will print properly. The tour was very in-depth and we got to take a close look at the printers and hear about processes from the people that work them. All around the building I saw posters from Disney ice shows and I was completely stoked to be seeing the place that printed them. (I love Disney on Ice, so it was a special treat for me to get to see this!) It was also very neat to see that they do some of the cardboard cut-outs of people. Some how when you grow up in a place you get the idea that everything that is printed came from somewhere else, but just seeing all this was very eye-opening to what Chattanooga really has and how much of the printed collateral is really from here.
After the tour we met in the conference room to look at paper samples.
Williams Company was very generous and I look forward to working with them in the future!
Be sure to check them out if you need to print something: Williams Company.

newspaper printing fieldtrip

March 2, 2009

I was sick on Thursday, so I missed out on visiting the Times Free Press facilities for a tour given by Frank Anthony. This was a rare opportunity to get a really in depth tour of the facilities and I was puking my guts out. Looking back, I really should have just brought a trash can with me or something. Reading other blogs got me all excited about what I missed, so I did some googling about the Times Free Press and I will share it with you, because you, Dear Reader, missed it too!
I will start with an excerpt from the blog of my friend and classmate, Lauren Smart:
Speaking of ink, I’d never really thought about just how much ink they use. Let me tell you, they use a lot of ink. We saw quite a few huge containers of the various colors of ink. It was, sensibly, housed near the presses themselves. That room was one of my favorite parts of the visit. We got to see someone manipulation one of the gigantic rolls of paper so that when the original roll ran out, the flow of paper would continue smoothly. The ability to keep the press running without having to stop and change rolls can save around an hour of print time!

Giant paper and loads of ink, it makes sense, really. I mean, Chattanooga is not that big, but still lots of newspapers go out every day!
The Times Free Press is a combination of two newspapers: The Chattanooga Times and the Chattanooga News-Free Press. I read that from wikipedia, but I still remember getting the Chattanooga Times before the papers combined.

designing a guide

March 2, 2009

I am currently working with the print team to create a guide for area residents to find places to go to buy fresh, local produce, or for restaurants that buy local.
I have been researching guides to attempt to find a format that we can successfully utilise to reach our audience of local consumers.
Size is important to consider. It can fold, but how many folds before it becomes an inconvience to refold? We want our guide to be something that people feel they can keep and reuse over and over.
The guide needs to appeal to both genders and all ages. In order to do this, we will have to give special consideration to the font face and sizes and to the colours we choose to put in the guide.
To find the best format, I have been looking through guides and brochures collected from vacations. Vanessa has also provided us with guides from other Buy Fresh Buy Local branches.
We have a lot to think about when it comes to what goes into the guide, this is also what is hindering us in deciding our format. For sure there will be names and contact information of farmers, restaurants, and farmers markets. Joining the guide requires that you buy or sell local produce.
We want a map and blurbs about what Buy Fresh Buy Local is and why it is a great idea for the community.
I have faith in my team, I am sure we will find the right format to efficiently display the information.