spectacular logos

Logos are not something I thought much about until reading The Brand Gap and beginning this project.
Of course, I see logos everyday. Everyone does. There are such a big part of life now.
What makes a successful logo is something well designed and memorable. Also, I wouldd say depending on what that logo is selling, it is successful if you want that logo on you. I would say this is the case for clothing companies, shoe companies, and clothing designers. (Of course, the branding also has a lot to do with getting you to want to be in that logo.)
Part of being well designed is functioning with and without colour.
These are some of the most practical rules on logo designing from Just Creative Design.
1. A logo must be describable
2. A logo must be memorable
3. A logo must be effective without colour
4. A logo must be scalable i.e. effective when just an inch in size

If logos follow all of these rules they are very likely to be successful in their execution. Some really great resources for logo design can be found on the net at the following sites:



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